Academic Launching Event

Research on the Adaptability of Wind Resource Interpolation Model Based on Deep Learning Under the Environment of Multiple Wind Farms
Zheng Kan
Test Technical R&D Engineer, Ming Yang Smart Energy Group

The Grid-forming Technology for Voltage source Typed Wind Turbines
Hong Min
Chief Engineer of Technical Center£¨Zhejiang Windey CO., Ltd

Cloud-native based Architecture Design of the Operations and Maintenance System for Renewable Power Systems
Zeng Chuikuan
New Energy O&M Research Center, Director of Technology, China Resources Power Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd

Research and Application of Wind Power Prediction Based on Multiple Meteorological Sources and Separate Modeling of Different Wind Speed Sections
Han Yan
Senior Meteorological Engineer, State Power Rixin Tech. Co., Ltd

Case Sharing of Wind Power Basic Health Management, which is Based on Image Vision
Jay Cheng
Technical Director, Reewind Energy (Wuhan) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Application of Wind Farm Optimization Method Considering LCOE in Multi-Scenarios
Jiang Zixiao
Technical director, Meteodyn Beijing

The Latest Results and Study of the Wind Turbine Wake using Scanning Wind Lidar
Liang Zhi
Application Manager, LEOSPHERE SAS

Service Environment of Electrical Equipment and Cost Reduction & Efficiency Increase of Offshore Wind Power
Chen Chuan
Electrical Technology Dept. Manager, China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. State Key Laboratory of Environmental Adaptability for Industrial Products

Development and Test of Wind Power System Algorithm Based on Speedgoat Real-Time Simulation Platform
Xu Wei
Senior Manager of Electrification Simulation, Shanghai YISU Information Technologies Co., Ltd