Wind Resource Assessment

Wind Resource Assessment Based on Granular Computing Theory
Liu Xiao
Senior Engineer, CREEI

Multi-technology in Wind Measurement Boosting Accurate Wind Resource Assessment
Liu Zhao
Head of wind resources meteorological team, Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Analysis of Sensitive Factors of Power Generation
Senior Wind Resource Analyst, CGC

Influence on Net Energy with Different MCP Method
Liu Jing
Wind Resource Assessment Engineer, CSSC

Impact of Large Wind Farms on Local Climate
Ma Wentong
General Manager of Electric power Meteorology Research Institute, SPIC

Accurate Assessment Based on LCOE in Big Data Platform
Li Zhaoyi
Regional Manager of wind resources, Mingyang Smart Energy

Application in Wind Power Forecasting with Accurate Wind Energy Assessment
Yuan Zongtao
Software&Innovation Department Manager RETEC

The Advanced Wind Resource Assessment - DES
Zhang Tian
Product Marketing Manager, Envision

Case Study on Wake Loss of Large-scale Wind Farm
Zhu Jinkui
Senior Engineer, Windey

Wake Assessments of Operating Offshore Wind Farm and Its Instruction on Micro Sitting of Large-scale Zero-subsidy Wind Power Bases
Lu Qi
Director of Wind Resources Group, Offshore Sales& Business Department, Shanghai Electric

Significance of Different Height Tower to Improve the Power of Fan array in Low and Medium Wind Speed
Zhang Rikui
Research Associate, Peking University

Research and Application of Wake Model for Large-scale Wind Farm
Gai Feng
Technical Support Dept. Director,Sanyi Heavy Energy CO., Ltd