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Innovation Design and Realization of Cooling System of Direct Drive Unit

Wang Dinghui
Senior Thermal Energy and Environmental Control Engineer, R&D Center of Xinjiang Gold Wwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

The first of the innovations of Goldwind system design is the design of the whole system's automatic exhaust, which greatly reduces the workload of the personnel and saves the installation time of the whole system for the sake of humanization. The second is the design of structural damping, which is achieved through the close integration of materials. The third is that there are no ducts or reducers, and we use the fixed structure of the generator itself as a self-supporting duct to achieve a shared structure. The fourth is the design of the fault tolerance of components and systems, and we have carried out designs of different components and systems according to the different functions of the systems. The fifth is the application of capacitive sensor, which is for the first time incorporated into the industry to apply a series of collaborative strategies in the process of critical operation and maintenance. There are more than 20 innovations and designs that we have completed and implemented ahead of schedule.

Full Scale Test of Large Parts to Ensure the Reliability of Whole Life Cycle

Yan Jiaming
Senior Manager, Technical Bid Management Vestas China

I hope that in the future of China's wind farm market, professionals will handle professional affairs. The operation and maintenance of a wind turbine need twenty years, thus we should let the wind turbine designer do the most long-term service, and that is faster and easier than the owners to learn from scratch, from the unknown to the known to build knowledge. In addition, the competitiveness of the product in the future does not rely on the reserves of products, but the amount of knowledge. If we have the knowledge transfer capability to convert our research and development into a new product very quickly, we will be at the forefront of the industry.

Research on Coupling VIV between Blade and Tower of MW Wind Turbine

Wu Faming
Director of Wind Power Business Unit Technology Department, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd.

Our research on the suppression of the vortex excitation is actually reducing its numbers of times and bits. We want to apply some measures to see if this vortex excitation will be suppressed, and can we use our methods to make it disappear, and thus achieve control? It is actually very simple: the methods of series connection and parallel connection. By these methods, it will go down very quickly and there will be no vortex excitation. From several dimensions, the blade creates some pneumatic resistance to make it go down.

The Technical Solution of Sany High Flexible Tower

Yi Quan
Director of the Tower and Foundation, Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd.

Sany Group is carrying on structural design to make it affordable. And after achieving that goal, Sany Group is aiming to make the thinnest and smallest design. We have made a customized tower design, GH, and we have programmed all the programs out based on it. The first step was the site election, then the basic design. Through these, we tapped to increase revenue from power generation, and reduce the load and cost. It is an auto-storage software with optimal design. We must make the latest tower. As for how our tower is delivered quickly, we have made a variety of different configurations.

AI (artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) based Generator fault Diagnosis System

Duan Zhiqiang
Vice Chief Engineer, CRRC Yongji Electric Co., Ltd.

Using artificial intelligence technology to optimize algorithmically is mainly extracting technical features through the computer. It is now also the new direction of development that we are doing in fault prediction and health management areas. This basic feature does not need expert knowledge to model. Now the traditional fault diagnosis software development needs the industry experts to do some in-depth research, especially researching the appropriate processing targeted development of customized solutions in the physical model. Our project features a data-driven artificial intelligence algorithm, does not require too much expert support, and only needs the training data and data labels. Learning data labels is completely by the computer to independently extract fault data features to establish data mapping relationships. It does not conduct the next fault analysis. After learning the fault is labeled, and then the computer can achieve continuous identification and reporting, without doing professional judgment or identification.

A State-of-the-art AC 66kV Electric System and Its Application for Large-scale Offshore Wind Turbine

Li Dejun
Product Management Director, Transmission Division of Siemens Energy Ltd.,Co.

The 66KV system uses vacuum deactivation, and the switch is very compact. The space of the fan tower is limited, so all modules of our equipment are very low, less than three meters in length, less than two and a half meters in height, and half meters in width and depth. Compared to Siemens 33KV GS, the area is dropped by 35%. The core technology inside is the clean air. In fact, 80% nitrogen plus 20% oxygen is 23, 500 times of one of the six greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, so the greenhouse effect is very obvious. In addition, a short circuit will produce a lot of decomposition products which are harmful to the environment and human. But clean air only contains ozone and nitrogen oxides. The reason why we vigorously develop this product is that we found that many owners of projects in Europe and the United States have requested to avoid the carbon tax. If the domestic machine factories want to expand to the international market, the environment-friendly electrical system will be essential, otherwise, bidding will increase a lot of carbon taxes.

Wind-ES Hybrid and Support of Power Grid Technology

Liang Xinxin
System Solution Director, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.

Wind power needs to add storage to achieve better and high-quality development. The combination of energy storage and wind power acts an irreplaceable role for the new energy. The question of cost is yet to develop more application scenarios. Only the value embodiment of the combination of storage and wind power can better promote cost control and cost reduction.

Dual line centralized lubrication system and bearing automatic grease changing system

Zhao Daping
Chairman and Chief Technical Engineer,ZHENGZHOU AUTOL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

Lubrication clogs can bring down the entire system. Systems that have been running for three to five years suffer from mass clogging. We communicated with major host manufacturers, including grease manufacturer bearing companies at this exhibition, and we all felt that this problem is urgently needed to be solved, as users were complaining more and more. Therefore, we are replacing the progressive structure with the two-wire, which is very simple but very reliable.

The Selection of Brake in Wind Power Pitch System and the Safety Function of Brake Status Monitoring Module in Wind Turbine

Simon Zhang
Manager Key Accounts Windpower / Extruders, Mayr Power Transmission (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

We hope to provide high-quality small components to meet the requirements of different customers so that the main department could pay more attention to design more desirable products used in a variety of brakes. The data of on-off status, wear status, and fault alarm can be read out by the current value, and the current, resistance and voltage also can be read out and calculated. This is also for the better service of the fans.